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Welcome to the Carn Scathe website and Porthgwarra!

We had been coming to Porthgwarra for 20 years and were very excited to become the new owners of Carn Scathe in 2010.

Porthgwarra consists of around 10 fishermen's cottages, plus Coastguard cottages away from the cove.

The three terrace houses, including Carn Scathe, were built in 1872 by the Jackson brothers who were fishermen in the cove. The original rent was 10 shillings per year for the dwelling house and 1 pound for the fish cellar (which we think is now Cove Cottage!).

There is a good booklet on the history of Porthgwarra and a copy is provided in the cottage. There is a local café in the cove, serving drinks, cakes and pasties.

Porthgwarra is one of the settings for the BBC adaptation of Poldark and was also used for the beach scenes of the film of the novel by Rosamunde Pilcher, Coming Home. 

For the pictures on the website, John Chappell, is the photographer who captured the beauty of
Porthgwarra and the surrounding area in his photographs. He is also the Harbour Master and local fisherman at Porthgwarra.

Kim and Helen Stuckey

The Slipway and Beach

The Shop and Cafe

Porthgwarra Tunnel

Porthgwarra Calm

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